International scientific peer-reviewed journal
«Modern engineering and innovative technologies»
ISSN 2567-5273 (Online)
ISSN title: Modern engineering and innovative technologies
Abbreviated key title: MEIT
DOI: 10.30890/2567-5273

Publication form: Online peer-reviewed journal
Established: 2017
Publisher: Sergeieva&Co, Karlsruhe
Country of publication: Germany
Periodicity: 6 per year
Languages ​​of publication: English, Deutsch, Ukrainian
Type of publication: scientific journal
Scientific area: multidisciplinary
Target audience: students, masters, graduate students, applicants, researchers, candidates and doctors of sciences
Contents: original research and review articles

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Submitting Articles for the Issue 34


Until August 20th, applications and articles are accepted in the journal issue No.34 "Modern engineering and innovative technologies"
Preferential submission with a discount of 10% until July 20.
For authors of articles 8 pages or more GIFT "FREE PARTICIPATION IN THE GERMAN CONFERENCE"

Authors promptly issued AUTHOR'S CERTIFICATE (useful for reporting)

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